SAMTEQ website

SAMTEQ home page

SAMTEQ home page

SAMTEQ is a fast-growing web company based in Dunoon, Scotland. It’s built user-friendly websites and web-based products for over 120 companies across the UK and Europe. The guys had recently redesigned their own website and wanted their content updated too.

I spent some time with them to understand their business, what makes them different from other web design companies and their values. I provided all the text for the website, including the meta-tags. It is written in a clean, professional, yet informal, style, reflecting SAMTEQ’s unique brand.

Ken Coley, SAMTEQ Director, said: ‘We always thought we could write the copy for our website, but when Eve set about re-writing the site the value of a professional copywriter and well written words soon became apparent. Even Google likes the site so much more, and that makes a real difference to the success of our business. Working with Eve was a pleasure as she immersed herself in understanding our business to ensure great results.’

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