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University of the West of England

The University of the West of England (UWE) was planning a large fundraising campaign. The team were at the initial planing stages when they asked us to help develop some key documents. They had put together a rather dry and business-like case for support and wanted it to be more emotive, vital and punchy. The document, which was to be used at strategic meetings, had to highlight UWE’s unique strengths, outline its ambitions for the future and inspire people to support the campaign.

UWE’s role in business life in the Bristol region (it’s one of the biggest educators in the area and home to one of the largest business schools in the UK) was a central part of the campaign message. As well as weaving this into the case for support, we wrote a briefing document outlining the role that UWE could play in the future of Bristol business.

We worked with Samantha Dunbar, Policy Adviser at UWE, on this campaign. With the project finished and signed off, she wrote: ‘Thank you so much for all of your high-quality work and ‘can-do’ attitude.’

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